Budlet Projects

Apart from holding training classes, folk dance gatherings, workshops by experts, participating in competitions and performances, the Club also organizes various activities to promote folk dances to the general public. This includes short courses for secondary teachers, educational workshops, the ¡§Budlet Youths¡¨ project, ¡§New Dance Special¡¨ and participating in carnivals.

A. Folk Dance Promotion Programme

The first course started on 2 Aug. 08, with the following aims:

  1. by introducing simple folk dances and basic steps, so that beginners can master the technique and sense the joy of dancing
  2. targeting at youngsters, arouse their interests, appreciation and knowledge of folk dancing
  3. develop the trainees to be our new members, and dancers of the Club


With the recommendation by their school teacher, 4 students will join the regular Elementary Training Class of 10 lessons for free.

B. Carnivals

The Club actively participated in various cultural and leisure activities, such as performing and leading dance fans in carnivals.

2003: Performance and Gathering at Leung Hen Lee Community Centre
1997: International Yacht Festival in Hong Kong
1996: 10th Anniversary of Regional Services Council, Open Day 96 of Urban Services Council, The Elderly Day in Kwun Tong
1993: Tai Po Sports Festival
1985: IYY Internal Youths Year Carnival

C. New Dance Special

Some members of the Club joined the folk dance work camps overseas, including USA, Taiwan. Afterwards, they introduced the new dances learnt in the ¡§New Dance Specials¡¨ organized by the Club to the dance fans, e.g. Highlight of Stockton Dance Camp, Highlight of Panasia Dance Camp, and Highlight of Hora Keff Dance Camp.

Western Folk Dance Camp at Ming Fai Camp of Cheung Chau Island was held on 2Aug-2 Aug 2003 with dance masters Mr. LAU Ting-kwok, Ms FUNG Hang-mai, Mr. LI Kwong-wah and Mr.YEUNG Kwan-yu.

D. ¡§Budlet Youths¡¨

For the long term development of folk dance in Hong Kong, it is important to nourish youngsters to develop interest and talents in dancing. The Club thus started the ¡§Budlet Youths¡¨ project in 1996 to develop and train a group of youngsters aged from 15 to 23 in folk dancing. This includes basic training of footwork and opportunities of performances and competitions. The training was conducted by voluntary dance masters who are members of the Club. Except sharing the cost of renting the venue, there are no charges to the trainees. Since the launching of the projects, positive feedbacks were received from the trainees and in fact the results of the competitions and performances had been outstanding.

E. Educational Workshops

Organizing Folk Dance Workshops for teachers/students:

July 1997: 3 evenings workshops, jointly held with the College of Education
Dec. 1995: Folk Dance Interest Course for the students of the Grantham College of Education
1995: Folk Dance Camp for Secondary School teachers and students (jointly held with the Education Department)
1992: Folk Dance Camp for Secondary School students

F. Short courses for secondary teachers

4 courses were held in 1988-1990, providing training for secondary school teachers to prepare teaching material for Physical Education Examination, with emphasis on the features of dances of different countries.